Manga Reborn : Types of Manga & Manga Process

MANGA REBORN is a translation site intended for users with US, Japan, and Asian regions. We are unable to offer services to users residing in areas outside of those regions because we are not able to translate languages that we do not speak or understand. While MANGA REBORN does have English translations available, this article offers advice on finding an appropriate site for non-English language translations.

Manga Reborn : Types of Manga & Manga Process


MANGA REBORN is a website that provides translations for manga, comics, light novels, and other Japanese content. They have a great selection of both free and paid translations including their own proprietary content. MANGA REBORN is a site that offers free Japanese manga, as well as translated and English manga from Japan from the group of translators at Manga Reborn. We are unable to host or provide services for any other language than Japanese and English.

Types of manga we offer

MANGA REBORN provides you with the best of both worlds. We offer not just one type of manga but two! Select either Japanese or Asian manga to start your adventure in the world of comics! MANGA REBORN main goal is to provide quality manga translations for users, and we provide a variety of different types of manga. As the name suggests, MANGA REBORN offers both translated and raw versions of manga. For example, we offer raws from Hoshino Kiyoshi’s Bakemonogatari collection as well as an English translation by Hitoshi Doi.

The Manga Process

MangaReborn is a website for people who want to read the manga they love, but don’t speak the language. MangaReborn has almost 600 translated titles with new releases added weekly, and we provide free and fast access to them. Lectormanga App Reborn has been an essential service for people who prefer to read their manga in a different language. They are able to find many of their favorite titles online and get them delivered on time. It is important to note that the site does not provide anime support, but provides a number of other services that can help users build their library as well as make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for.

How to start a translation project

The first step in translation is to create an account on the site and then request translation from our translators. To get started, you can head over to the “Create a Project” section of the site and select what type of project you want to work on. Then, simply choose your preferred language and add it to your favorites list. This project is currently active, and the first chapter of Naruto has been translated into English. The community needs translators for these languages: Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai.

What can users expect with our service?

We provide translations for the following types of books:
-Light Novels
-Web Novels We want our users to be satisfied with their purchase. We always strive to provide the best quality translations that we can possibly offer so that customers are completely satisfied with the services they receive.


We are unable to translate for the period of today so our blog is unavailable. Thank you for your understanding. MANGA REBORN is a translation site intended for users with US, Japan, and Asian regions. We are unable to translate any foreign language text without being able to provide the full text of the work in question. Even if an English subtitles exists for a certain series, we would still be unable to translate that specific anime/manga without having access to the full text of the original work.

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